Advanced Art 201

1 semester .5 credit
Students in Advanced Art must have completed the Beginning Art class at the HS before registering for Advanced Art (9th grade art is not sufficient to skip the Beginning class)

Fee: $35.00

Students will be working with a wide variety of art media in Advanced Art beginning with charcoal and chalk drawing, oil and chalk pastels on a wide range of topics and subjects. They will experience drawing with ink and brushes in the sumi-e tradition of the Far East, and create drawings that use wash techniques and other Asian water color painting techniques. Students will work with classical printmaking with carved linoleum blocks and experimental multi-piece printing with foam plates. Students will be introduced to painting with watercolor, tempera and acrylic paint, and will later engage in collage making with a wide choice of combined materials. A notebook of assignments, self-evaluations and film notes will be kept throughout the semester.

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