Unit 1 ~ Safety & Sanitation

Whether you are cooking for yourself or a crowd, you won’t want to accidentally give someone food poisoning! In addition to thinking about how safe the food is that you buy, cook and serve, you need to be careful while you are cooking because serious injuries can happen in the kitchen.

Assignment 1: go to www.kraftfoods.com and take their quiz. On the paper you will turn in for this section, record your score and any of the questions that you missed as well as the right answer that you learned.

NOTE: The only two sources you might need are 1)the FDA; this page lists links that help answer all the questions you might have about food safety. http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/a2z-toc.html and 2)the Food Safety A-Z Reference Guide that is in the classroom.

Assignment 2: Research two similar topics: raw meat and raw vegetables. While you research, record your SOURCES and only use very reliable sources.

Use your notes from researching the above and write a 2 to 3 page paper explaining the realities and seriousness of food safety. YOU MUST INCLUDE A LIST OF YOUR RESOURCES, in proper MLA format to earn credit. Turn in your notes, final project and resources page.

Assignment 3: Get to know the pathogens that can kill humans and how to avoid them!

Use the Food Safety A-Z Reference Guide for this assignment. You’ll use the glossary found in the front as well as the section that begins on page 64.

There are four food categories: ready-to-eat foods, meats, dairy and raw eggs, fruits and veggies. You’ll be making an informative flyer about each type of food. For EACH category you need to create a fact sheet that includes:

  1. title of the category
  2. examples of that type of food
  3. name at least one pathogen associated with that type of food
  4. info on what that pathogen does to humans, including symptoms to watch for
  5. tips on avoiding that pathogen (food safety precautions)