High School Safety Information

To prepare our high school student and families, high school administration has compiled the following to ensure students are ready to start in-person learning on February 16.

Arrival Entrances

Depending on students’ means of transportation, there will be three entrances they may use.  The building will open at 7:30 AM.  

  1. Front Entrance: Bus and family drop off
  2. East Entrance 1 (Band Doors): Student drivers and family drop off
  3. East Entrance 2 (Locker Room Doors): Bus drop off

Daily Wellness Screening

Before coming to school, students will have to complete their daily wellness screening on Skyward. School administration will be verifying that students have completed them as they enter the building.

Students who do not have their wellness screening completed before entering the building will complete it in the gym or auditorium before going to their Ram Strong class.

Students who do not pass their wellness screening (exposed to COVID or exhibiting symptoms) will not be allowed to attend their classes.  They will be sent home or will need to be picked up.    

Miscellaneous Items

  • All students will have to properly wear masks covering their nose and mouth throughout the school day.  The only exception is while eating breakfast and lunch or taking a drink.  
  • Bandanas of any color or style are not allowed.  
  • Bring your own water bottle. Drinking fountains will be marked off, but water bottle refill stations will be available.
  • There will be an Open Campus from 1-6 PM on February 10th for families to become familiar with the building. 
  • Orientation will occur in Ram Strong classes.
  • The first week of in-person learning is a 4 day week so please make sure you check the schedules here.