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Course Overview
Identified students enrolled in WVHS Transition program earn a Certificate of Achievement based upon meeting the goals and objectives on IEPs, taking the required units of academics and electives, and passing the state assessments per the IEP. Students may attend school until age 21. Focus of the program is to provide opportunities for students to gain skills for employment upon graduation. Students participate in activities ranging from  required academics, pre-vocational (in class) tasks to vocational training: on - campus individual and team work experiences, and off-campus community placements with local businesses. In class activities address personal presentation (communication, dress, grooming, appropriate work behaviors), problem-solving on-the-job, on task behavior, etc. Academic activities students participate in include functional reading, writing, math, science and history.
Students participate, as well, in daily living activities for cooking, household maintenance, home and community safety, personal safety, and demonstrating acceptable social behavior. Pre-vocational and vocational training, and daily living skills training prepare students for post-secondary employment and supported or independent living. 

Functional Academics include the subjects of English, math, science and history.

Resources Used
Reading: Edmark Functional Reading Series-lessons, worksheets Edmark Reading 1,2 – lessons, worksheets, stories Steck-Vaughn Reading Power 2, 3, 4 ,Hi/Lo Reading, Reading Naturally

Math: Edmark Touch Math - basic and sequence counting, Edmark Touch Money -coin ID and counting Edmark Time-telling, Measurement, Teacher-made worksheets for basic math concepts and pre-algebra concepts, measurement terminology, fractions of an inch teacher-made activities for basic cooking measurement, Calculator Math - Menu Math, Grocery Store Math

Writing: Personal Information -simple information form and job application, School planner to document personal and school activities, Teacher-made writing prompts

Personal Presentation: Teacher-developed class discussions, role-plays, books with group lessons, Attainment Personal Success, Attainment Community Success

Daily Living Skills: Lifeskills Activities, PCI Survival Signs

Pre-Vocational and Vocational Skills Preparation: PCI First Job Experience, PCI From Classroom to the Workplace - Vol. 1,2, Work boxes, School recycling
project, on campus work experiences - kitchen assistant, custodial assistant, cafeteria assistant, office assistant, classroom teacher assistant Off-campus -
District laundry assistant, cross-age tutor, Community work experience - private business.