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Vocational-Life Skills

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior standing

Individual Education Program

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Course Overview
The VLS Program is for students who are progressing to a Certificate of Attendance.  Students will work on IEP goals and objectives.  The class focuses on functional academics (reading, writing, and math), vocational skills, life skills, and social/communication skills.  The goal of the program is to put the student in the best possible position to lead a successful and rewarding life upon graduation.  Students will participate in improving functional academic skills by receiving one on one instruction and whole class instruction.  Students will participate in life skills activities including cooking, personal care, household care, community skills, banking, and appropriate behaviors.  Students will participate in vocational skills activities including learning different job task and appropriate behaviors at a job site.

Note: Information regarding referral to or any aspect of the program may be obtained by contacting the WVHS Counseling Department.