ASB & Activities

Welcome to page for the WVHS Associated Student Body (ASB) and the Executive Council! The E.C. works hard all year long to provide activities and events to promote a positive school culture.

ASB Clubs are officially recognized student organizations with an adult Advisor. Most of them meet during our Club Period (first TH of most months) and some also meet outside the school day. Students must purchase an ASB to be a club member. Each club has it's own requirements and activities as defined by their constitutions and leadership. If you'd like to see a list of our clubs - CLICK HERE.

ASB Activities can be planned by the ASB Exec Council, by Class Officers, by a Club or a Team. Students with an idea for an activity should talk to Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Berreman. Some activities cost money (sell an entry ticket) and many are free.

ASB Fundraising is possible for ASB groups like ASB clubs and sports teams. There are requirements to get a fundraiser approved and rules we must follow about how that money can be used. Please talk to Mrs. Johnson BEFORE you begin collecting money.

Outside Fundraising for non-school groups may also be possible. Again, there are policies and rules we must follow. Please work with Mrs. Johnson to make sure your group is in compliance. We have a proud tradition of working with outside groups that benefit our students like:

        • PTSA 
        • Senior Parents (branch of PTSA)
        • Sports Booster Groups
        • WV Dollars for Scholars
        • WV Citizens for Better Schools
        • Memorial Foundation
        • YWCA

If you have questions regarding fundraising, student events and general ASB questions, please contact Mrs. Johnson at

The WA State Legislature is requiring HS ASBs to find and share data about the cost of student involvement in HS activities. Here is the data for West Valley High School:

Data Table