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CIA World Factbook: Information on history, culture, government, economy, geography and issues for every world country.

Congressional Quarterly Researcher: U.S. politics and society from 1923 to the present. Includes primary sources.

CQ Press / Sage Reference eBooks: Select the desired title.  Browse, or use the table of contents, index or search function to find your topic.

Encyclopedia of U. S. Political History: Events, policies, groups, people and movements that shaped American politics and culture.

The New York Times on Critical Elections, 1854-2008:  Analysis of critical presidential and congressional elections with excerpts from The Times newspaper.

The New York Times on Emerging Democracies in Eastern Europe: ​Describes by country political change from late 1970s to the 2000s with excerpts  from The Times.

The New York Times on the Presidency, 1853-2008:  Key issues and challenges of each administration; includes news articles, editorials, and data from The Times.

The New York Times on the Supreme Court, 1857-2008: History and influence of the Supreme Court; key themes and major decisions with excerpts from The Times.

Political History of America's Wars: The legislative, social and policy aspects of America's major wars, rebellions and insurrections; includes primary sources.

Country Reports: Current cultural, political and economic information, plus statistics and history of countries.

CultureGrams: Overview, culture and history of states and countries, plus recipes and photos.

SIRS:Discoverer: General research organized in subjects or topics; information can be sorted by reading level and translated.

Discovering Collection: General reference. Now named Research in Context.​ Middle school reading level and content information. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library eBooks: 26 titles; browse or search for topics in biographies, world history, U. S. history and government, world cultures, literature, drugs, and sports medicine.

History Study Center: Primary and secondary sources on global history from ancient times to the present day.

Infobase Reference eBooks: 34 titles; browse or search for topics in world history, U. S. history and government, U. S. decades, and literature.

Issues & Controversies in American History
: Background information, analysis and primary sources for topics throughout U. S. history.