The ASB and EC work hard all year long to provide activities and events to promote a positive school culture.

ASB Activities can be planned by the ASB Executive Council, Class Officers, a Club, or a Team. Students with an idea for an activity should talk to Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Berreman. Some activities cost money (collected through entry ticket sales) and many are free.

Fundraisers must meet certain requirements for approval and there are rules for spending fundraising dollars. Please talk to Mrs. Johnson BEFORE you begin collecting money.

Outside fundraising for non-school groups may also be possible. Again, there are policies and rules to follow. Please work with Mrs. Johnson to make sure your group is in compliance. We have a proud tradition of working with outside groups that benefit our students like:

  • PTSA
  • Senior Parents (branch of PTSA)
  • Sports Booster Groups
  • WV Dollars for Scholars
  • WV Citizens for Better Schools
  • Memorial Foundation
  • YWCA

If you have questions regarding fundraising, student events, or general ASB questions, please contact Mrs. Johnson by navigating to our contact page, using the yellow button at the top of the page.

The Washington State Legislature requires high school ASBs to find and share data about the cost of student involvement in high school activities. Please visit our resource library for more information about ASB and our activities.