Teaching pre-employment skills to our High School students through the program 'A Better Track'

Jul 10, 2022

A Better Track is a program our West Valley High School offers to juniors and seniors, teaching them fundamental pre-employment skills. The purpose is to help students reach their employment goals through various skill building exercises. In an ever-changing world, our students are dealing with new challenges, therefore, many students benefit from the skill-building and coaching programs such as this.

The program A Better Track assigns a representative that comes into our Self-Determination classes at the High School, and is teaching these pre-employment skills to our students. The lessons that are included are as follows:

  • What having a job looks like
  • Resume building
  • Proper ways to complete job applications
  • The job markets
  • Soft skills: proper handshakes, and speaking professionally to potential employer
  • Interviews: watch, practice, and participate in a variety of interviews
  • Focusing on market changes, and how we need to adapt to changes in the work place

This opportunity has been extremely beneficial to help build important skills for students’ post-high school experience. We are very fortunate to have A Better Track offered to our West Valley High School students. For more information please see here.